is a conversational automation platform that utilizes AI technology to enable businesses to automate their sales and customer service processes across different communication channels. The company's goal is to make AI accessible to everyone and they provide chatbot and virtual assistant options to enhance customer satisfaction while simultaneously increasing sales and customer support. is an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform because it offers flexible deployment options, integration capabilities with enterprise systems and workflows, multilingual support,  high security and data privacy standards, and advanced analytics and reporting features.

1. Flexible Deployment Options: offers customers flexible deployment options including on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments, allowing them to choose the option that best suits their needs.
2. Integration Capabilities with Enterprise Systems and Workflows: integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems and workflows, such as CRM, ERP, and ticketing systems, to provide a unified view of customer interactions.
3. Multilingual Support: offers multilingual support, allowing customers to communicate with their audience in their preferred language, making it an ideal platform for multinational companies.
4. High Security and Data Privacy Standards: is built with high-security standards, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data. It is compliant with global privacy and data protection regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.
5. Advanced Analytics and Reporting Features: provides advanced analytics and reporting features, including sentiment analysis, conversation tracking, and customer journey mapping, which help businesses analyze customer behavior, identify pain points, and optimize their conversational AI strategies. and dynamic AI agents that can be customized to meet the specific needs of customers and employees.
Yellow.Ai allows big companies to create highly sophisticated and specialized chatbots that can generate leads, reply customers and handle many related actions. Furthermore, chatbots can be designed and created with a few clicks. You can see the Tuning section for a rough sample of the bot creation journey. It's definitely a big automation opportunity for enterprise clients!


    Salesforce Integration
    Whatsapp Integration
    Facebook Messenger Integration
    Instagram Automation
    Omnichannel AI Customer Support
    HR Automation
    ITSM Automation
    Google Business Messaging
    Voice Automation
    Text Automation

Fune Tuning / Tips:

  • Sign up
  • Create bot
  • Create social channel
  • Create user journey to collect details
  • Add Chatbot Welcome message
  • Add Triggers based on format: text, video, file, images etc.
  • Connect social channel Pros:

  • Enterprise Grade Solutions
  • Trusted by Many Big Corporations
  • Sophisticated Customer Service compared to traditional Chatbots
  • Voice support included
  • Supports 135+ languages
  • You might be able to get a Pay as you GO payment scheme through enquiring
  • Many compatible platforms
  • flexible deployment options
  • deep rooted history in AI industry level chatbots
  • Highly customizable Cons:

  • Pricier than alternatives
  • services are charged on 12-months basis on AWS
  • not very feasible for small businesses and startups
  • Slightly harder learning curve compared to consumer AI products, justifiable due to enterprise nature. Price:

App pricing information for is as below:

Price: Potential pay as you go options might exist, need enquiring. Otherwise, 12-months chatbot prices for enterprise on AWS Marketplace: Basic plan: $10,000, Standard Plan: $25,000


One of the best chatbot development platform.
- Software Engineer
It works wonder for our operation partners.
- Founder
Easy to deploy, omnichannel, amazing chatbot product.
- Operations Manager

More Details:

Yellow.AI's chatbots are incredibly smart and they can be implemented across a variety of main industries such as Banking, Retail & ecommerce, Energy & utilities, Education, Financial services, Advertising, Automotive, Insurance, Manufacturing, QSR’s, Real estate, FMCG, Travel & hospitality, Gaming, Telecom, Pharma & Healthcare. AI revolution is already here!


Q: What is and what products/services does it offer?
A: is an AI-powered conversational automation platform that enables enterprises to automate customer service and sales processes across various channels. The company aims to democratize AI and offers a range of chatbot and virtual assistant solutions to enhance the customer experience while driving customer support and sales growth.
Q: What is conversational AI and how does leverage it?
A: Conversational AI is a type of artificial intelligence that enables human-like interactions between computers and humans using natural language processing and machine learning. leverages conversational AI to enable virtual assistants and chatbots that can understand user queries and provide personalized responses to them in real-time, on various channels such as messaging apps and voice assistants.
Q: What makes an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform?
A: is an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform because it offers flexible deployment options, integration capabilities with enterprise systems and workflows, multilingual support, and dynamic AI agents that can be customized to meet the specific needs of customers and employees.
Q: What are the benefits of’s AI-powered chatbots for businesses?
A: The AI-powered chatbots offered by can automate mundane and repetitive tasks such as answering customer queries and processing routine transactions. This allows businesses to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction by providing faster and more accurate responses to customer queries.
Q: What are the different types of chatbots offered by
A: offers a range of chatbot solutions such as rule-based chatbots, contextual chatbots, ai chatbots, and voice bots. These chatbots are designed to provide personalized and contextual responses to user queries, based on their previous interactions and profile data.
Q: What are some of the popular integrations offered by
A: offers integrations with various enterprise systems like Salesforce, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps, enabling businesses to provide customer support and sales services on multiple channels, using a single platform. This provides omnichannel support to customers, improving their overall experience.
Q: How does personalize the customer experience through AI-powered automation?
A: uses artificial intelligence to understand user queries and provide personalized responses based on their history and preferences. This enables businesses to provide a more personalized experience to their customers, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.
Q: What is’s mission and how does it aim to achieve it?
A:’s mission is to democratize AI by making it accessible to everyone. The company aims to achieve this by providing powerful and easy-to-use conversational AI tools that enable businesses of all sizes to automate customer service and sales processes across various channels, for enhanced customer experience and improved business growth.
Q: What are some of the notable achievements of to date?
A: In 2023, raised $78.15M in Series C funding led by Bajaj and Waste Connections, bringing the total funding to $103.15M. has been recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor in the Conversational AI Platforms market, and its CEO, Raghu Ravinutala, has been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list.
Q: How does enable enterprises to enhance employee experience using AI-powered automation?
A: offers customer experience automation platform that can also be used to enhance employee experience by automating HR and IT processes such as onboarding, training, and issue resolution. This enables businesses to increase employee satisfaction and productivity by reducing the time spent on manual tasks and improving the overall user experience of enterprise applications.
Q: What's pricing like?
A: From AWS Marketplace,'s Chatbot for CX & EX 12-month prices for enterprise clients are as following: Basic Plan - Basic chatbot with 1 usecase and tiered conversation limits is $10,000. Standard Plan - Standard chatbot with 4 usecases and tiered conversation limits is $25,000

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