AskBrian is an AI-powered digital assistant that empowers business professionals and business knowledge workers to improve their productivity and efficiency. With over 100 languages supported. AskBrian is a revolutionary tool that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help business professionals and knowledge workers enhance their productivity and efficiency. This AI-powered digital assistant is known for its ability to support over 100 different languages, making it accessible to a wide range of professionals around the world.

Whether you need assistance with scheduling appointments, managing your email inbox, or conducting research for a project, AskBrian is the ultimate solution. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, this digital assistant is designed to streamline your work processes and deliver results that exceed expectations. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, AskBrian has become the go-to tool for anyone looking to boost their productivity and achieve their professional goals. Whether you are a CEO, a manager, or a team leader, AskBrian is the ideal tool to help you optimize your work processes and achieve success in your business endeavors. 


    Translations & File conversions combined with a single automated email
    X-ray of any public company around the world!
    Peer Analysis
    Slide Templates
    Custom Icons
    Ask Anything
    AI Brain Storm
    Great PDF Tools
    Office to PDF converters
    Business Model explainer
    Tax rate explainer for 170+ countries

Fine Tuning / Tips:

  • AskBrian works through brief email enquiries. You can send requests via emails to [email protected]:
  • (Alternatively you can use Teams or Slack)
  • Brian, send me financials of Microsoft!
  • Brian, shrink the size of this pdf!
  • Brian, send me news for PWC
  • Brian send me sunflower pictures
  • Brian, send me checklist and under construction icons
  • Brian, how can we improve our KPIs?
  • Brian send me the KPIs for Unilever
  • Send me a list of tech companies in Portugal

AskBrian Pros:

  • Offers generous 14-days Free Trial with full access to all features
  • Capable of series of business tasks including public business analysis and slide templates
  • Pioneer in AI Consulting
  • High standard, non-predatory business practices
  • Generates impressive spreadsheets for public and private company requests
  • Sends you HQ Royalty-free images as needed

AskBrian Cons:

  • Private business analysis focus on European businesses
  • Some email replies can take a few minutes. (I know, we're getting spoiled!)
  • Data is lacking at global scale, it's highly focused in big European economies at the moment.
  • Some basic features such as brainstorming are only offered via top tier subscription
  • Completely closed source and doesn't utilize a public repo
  • Struggles to parse requests when there's slight deviation from actual company names
  • Some of the features seem to be half-baked and still in development

AskBrian Price:

App pricing information for AskBrian is as below:

Price:Annual Subscriptions cost €9.99/month for Brian Translate+, €23.99/month for Brian Pro, €49.99/month for Brian Next. Monthly subscriptions are slightly higher.


I'm grateful for Teams and Slack integration. It makes my team conveniently ask AskBrian anything.
- IT Manager
AskBrian feels like a human colleague, just 100X more efficient!
- Senior Consultant
Impressive business data in my Inbox within seconds.
- Economist

More Details:

What can I do with AskBrian for in my consulting tasks? However, AskBrian can be used for various tasks in consulting such as:

1. Automating data analysis: AskBrian can be used to automate the process of data analysis for consulting tasks. Its natural language processing abilities can be used to interpret data sets and generate insights.
2. Providing on-demand expertise: AskBrian can be used as a tool to provide on-demand expertise to clients. Its AI-powered algorithm can answer complex client questions, saving consultants time.
3. Streamlining research: AskBrian can be used to streamline research by quickly finding relevant information and compiling it into reports.
4. Improving decision-making: By processing large amounts of data and providing insights, AskBrian can help consultants make more informed decisions.
5. Enhancing collaboration: AskBrian can be used to enhance collaboration among consultants and clients, by creating a centralized platform for communication and information sharing.


Q: What is AskBrian?
A: AskBrian is an AI-powered digital assistant that empowers business professionals and knowledge workers to improve their productivity and efficiency. With over 100 languages supported, AskBrian provides customers with a fast and easy way to find the information they need.
Q: How does AskBrian work?
A: AskBrian leverages the latest in artificial intelligence technologies, including natural language processing, to quickly analyze and provide comprehensive responses to customer inquiries. Users can use AskBrian to ask any question, whether it be related to business, technology or other areas of interest, and receive a prompt response.
Q: What are the benefits of using AskBrian?
A: ['A fast and efficient way to find answers to common questions', 'Support for over 100 languages', 'Improved productivity and efficiency for knowledge workers and business professionals', 'The ability to access information via email or the web', 'Customizable preferences to meet individual needs and preferences']
Q: Who is AskBrian designed for?
A: AskBrian is designed specifically for consultants and business professionals who are looking for a modern, AI-based digital assistant to help manage and organize their workloads. It is also an ideal tool for knowledge workers who want to increase their productivity and efficiency.
Q: What makes AskBrian different from other digital assistants?
A: What sets AskBrian apart from other digital assistants is its focus on applied artificial intelligence, which enables it to provide highly contextual and relevant information. AskBrian is also a provider of AI-based digital assistant services specifically for consultants and business professionals, making it a truly unique offering.
Q: How can AskBrian improve the way consultants and business professionals work?
A: By providing quick and easy access to information, AskBrian can help consultants and business professionals streamline their workflows, which can lead to improved productivity, increased efficiency, and better business outcomes. With its advanced AI technology for qualitative content generation, AskBrian provides consultants and business professionals with a powerful resource for managing their workloads and boosting productivity.

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