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Baidu Ai is Baidu's comprehensive range of artificial intelligence products and services that comprise advanced technologies. These technologies include the AI chatbot Erin, which offers a personalized experience by helping users to shop, book travel tickets, and answer various queries. The AI search engine is one of the most potent search engines that power up content and distributes it in an efficient way. The smart speaker allows users to control smart home appliances, get weather reports, and engage in various forms of entertainment, among other things. Autonomous driving technology is another important product that Baidu Ai provides, which allows safer, stress-free, and more convenient driving by leveraging in-vehicle hardware, sensors, and software. Finally, cloud services offer convenient and secure cloud storage, cloud computing, database management, and other services to businesses and individuals. With these cutting-edge technologies and services, Baidu Ai is poised to play an important role in driving digital transformation and enabling businesses and individuals to achieve their goals. Baidu Ai is a perfect example of how AI can be used to create innovation and drive the businesses and industries of tomorrow. 

Baidu AI Organization Profile:

Organizational information for Baidu AI is as below:

Entity Status: For Profit
Organization Stage: Established

AI Models Released

  1. ERNIE

AI Apps Released

  1. Ernie
  2. AI Mate

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