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StarryAI is an AI art app that uses neural networks to generate artwork based on an initial image or text prompt. It allows users to create incredible works of art by from a text prompt or image.  StarryAI is a cutting-edge AI art app that leverages the power of neural networks to generate spectacular pieces of artwork from an initial image or text prompt. With this app, users are able to create incredible and unique artworks in just a few clicks.

StarryAI breaks down the initial input image or text prompt and analyzes it, looking for deep patterns and unique features that can be used in the artwork. It then uses these patterns and features to generate stunning pieces of digital art, which can be easily downloaded and shared online.

One of the most exciting features of StarryAI is its ability to work with both images and text. Users can input an image into the app, and StarryAI will use its neural network to create a unique and beautiful piece of art based on the image.

Similarly, users can input text prompts into the app, and StarryAI will generate a piece of art based on the keywords and concepts in the text. This ability to convert text into images is particularly exciting, as it opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

StarryAI is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for artists and non-artists alike. Anyone can create breathtaking works of art with just a few clicks using StarryAI. The results are always unique and imaginative, and there are endless possibilities for what can be created.

Overall, StarryAI is a revolutionary AI art app that is changing the way we think about creating digital art. By leveraging the power of neural networks to generate unique and stunning pieces of artwork, StarryAI has opened up a whole new world of creativity and artistic expression. Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out, StarryAI is a must-have tool for anyone who loves creating digital art. 


    Write prompts and generate highly impressive AI art
    Platforms: Can be used via Discord, IOS app or Android app

Fune Tuning / Tips:

  • Image Amount: Decide how many image alternatives you'll get after the prompt
  • Add art styles
  • Select Art movements if you'd like
  • Retouch: modify AI art as needed
  • Variations: Create variations of the AI Art
  • Prompts: Create new prompts that canbe used in generation of new AI art

Starry AI Pros:

  • Capable of creating NFTs
  • Impressive AI Art
  • Bulk Art Creation
  • Upscaling Images
  • In-Painting
  • Custom Sizes
  • Evolving Art
  • Practical yet very impressive art results
  • Mobile apps for both Android and Apple devices are available through Apple Store and Google Play

Starry AI Cons:

  • Images aren't cited, traditional understanding of ethics would be in question
  • Randomness may cause lower quality composition
  • AI still can't reason as good as expert humans although some results may seem very impressive
  • Human touch or supervision is often still required to complete the art
  • Forces two types of login through Google or Apple, no independent email login options which is quite strange

Starry AI Price:

App pricing information for Starry AI is as below:

Price: Pro version prices are: $11.99 for 1-month, $29.99 for 3-months, $95.99 for 1-year.


Love love love StarryAI, it's a piece of beautiful AI software. Be prepared for a slight learning curve for top results.
- Marketing Associate
I've had so much fun with Starry AI and I can confidently say that it made me a much better artist in a short time.
- Visual Artist
It could be a little cheaper
- Mobile User
AI Art is the future, it allows art generation nearly at the speed of imagination so you can imagine the efficiency compared to traditional methods
- Progressive Futurist

More Details:

Perks provided by the StarryAI Pro Package

Pro version of StarryAI offers up to 4x upscaling, ad-free experience, removal of watermark, 50% off additional AI credits, 200 credits per month


Q: What is Starry Ai?
A: Starry Ai is an AI art generator app that allows users to create images through an online portal or by downloading one of the mobile apps.
Q: What is an AI image generator?
A: An AI image generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create images from text descriptions.
Q: Is Starry Ai free?
A: Yes, Starry Ai is free to use. Users can generate up to 5 artworks for free daily.
Q: How to use Starry Ai?
A: To use Starry Ai, you can visit their website and start creating images right through the online portal or download one of their mobile apps.
Q: Who founded Starry Ai?
A: Mo Kahn is the founder of Starry Ai.
Q: Is AI art really art?
A: The question of whether AI art is really art is a matter of debate. Some people believe that AI art can be considered as a new form of art, while others argue that it cannot be considered as art because it lacks human creativity.
Q: Who is Starry AI for?
A: Starry AI is for anyone who wants to create art using artificial intelligence. It’s an innovative mobile app that turns text prompts into quality artwork in just a few minutes.
Q: What’s the AI model used by Starry AI?
A: Starry AI uses a technique called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to create artwork. Specifically, employs two AI models to produce artwork creations. The initial one is referred to as Altair, and it uses the VQGAN-CLIP model for rendering the artwork. Subsequently, the second model, known as Orion, utilizes CLIP-Guided Diffusion to create beautiful art pieces and AI images.
Q: How does Starry AI compare to DAll-E 2?
A: DALL-E 2 is occasionally better at creating photo-realistic images and is able to add and remove objects from existing images.
Q: How does Starry AI compare to Midjourney?
A: Midjourney tends to produce more artistic results that lean towards fantasy and digital artwork, while DALL-E 2 will opt for photo-realistic interpretations unless it is given other instructions. Starry AI is also an art-focused AI app and it can be seen as an AI app parallel to Midjourney rather than DALL-E 2.
Q: What is AI art?
A: AI art is art that has been created using artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning, neural networks, and computer vision. It involves using algorithms to generate or enhance artwork in a way that mimics human creativity.
Q: What is an AI art generator?
A: An AI art generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create or enhance artwork. It can take various forms such as a mobile app or a web-based tool. Some popular AI art generators include StarryAI, Prompt, and Art Style.
Q: What is StarryAI?
A: StarryAI is an AI art generator that uses neural networks to generate artwork based on an initial image or text prompt. It allows users to create incredible works of art by simply entering a text prompt or uploading an image. The tool is free to use and provides stable diffusion, meaning the generated artwork will be visually consistent and stable.
Q: How does an AI art generator app work?
A: An AI art generator app works by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence algorithms to generate artwork. The user provides an initial image or text prompt, and the app uses machine learning and computer vision techniques to create or enhance the artwork. These apps are great for those interested in AI art generation but lack experience in the field.
Q: What is AI art generation?
A: AI art generation is the process of creating or enhancing artwork using artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning, neural networks, and computer vision. It is usually done using an AI art generator app, which allows users to give the AI an initial image or text prompt and use its algorithms to transform it into a work of art.
Q: How do I create AI art?
A: Create AI art with Starry AI,
1. Go to the Starry AI website and create an account.
2. Choose the type of art you want to create, such as landscape, portrait, or abstract.
3. Write an image prompt or choose one from the Starry AI gallery.
4. Click "Generate" and wait for the AI algorithm to create your art.
5. Review and make any necessary adjustments.
6. Download and save your AI art.

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