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DataFit is a popular and reliable software program designed for data plotting, curve fitting, and statistical analysis. This software boasts an intuitive graphical interface that caters to both beginners and experts. With DataFit, users can import and export data in a variety of formats, such as Excel and ASCII. This program can identify trends and correlations in complex data sets and even generate 2D and 3D plots. The curve fitting engine uses the latest fitting algorithms to produce accurate results when analyzing data. The statistical analysis feature is also impressive, with the ability to perform different tests that are widely used in scientific research.

Advanced options such as nonlinear regression, dynamic fitting, and robust fitting can also be executed seamlessly. DataFit enables users to produce publication-quality graphs, reports, and presentations with ease. The program also comes with a series of wizards to assist users in different tasks. The wizards help users configure fitting models, import data, create templates, and automate tasks. Overall, DataFit is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to plot, analyze, and present data efficiently.


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DataFit is an essential tool for data plotting, analysis and presentations. The intuitive graphical interface and wizards make it easy for both beginners and experts
- Data Analyst
The advanced options such as nonlinear regression, dynamic fitting, and robust fitting are seamlessly executed and generate accurate results
- Scientific Researcher
DataFit's ability to import and export data in different formats and identify trends and correlations in complex data sets is exceptional. The statistical analysis feature is also impressive
- Business Analyst


Q: What is DataFit?
A: DataFit is a software program for data plotting, curve fitting, and statistical analysis. It provides an intuitive graphical interface for both beginners and experts.
Q: Is DataFit a free software?
A: No, DataFit is a commercial software program. However, you can try it for free with the free trial version before making a purchase.
Q: Where can I download DataFit?
A: You can download the latest version of DataFit on the manufacturer's website. Simply click on the "download" link and follow the instructions.
Q: What are the features provided by DataFit?
A: DataFit allows you to perform curve fitting with up to 20 independent variables, statistical analysis, data plotting, and data table capabilities. It also includes over 600 pre-defined equations to choose from, or you can define your own equations.
Q: What type of curve fitting does DataFit provide?
A: DataFit provides both linear and nonlinear regression curve fitting capabilities.
Q: Does DataFit support exporting data?
A: Yes, DataFit allows you to export data in various formats, such as Excel, text, or as an image.
Q: Can I use DataFit for engineering applications?
A: Yes, DataFit is used by engineers for model development, parameter estimation, and curve fitting for a wide range of applications.
Q: What type of input does DataFit accept?
A: DataFit accepts data input from text files, spreadsheets, or by copying and pasting from other software programs.
Q: What is the level of detail provided by DataFit for results?
A: DataFit provides results that include statistical analysis and 2D or 3D plots with an option to specify the interval and the details in the analysis.
Q: What is the latest version of DataFit?
A: The latest version of DataFit is version 9.0.
Q: Does DataFit come with a help feature?
A: Yes, DataFit provides online help within the program and the manufacturer's website includes an entire library of video tutorials and detailed descriptions.

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