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Opus Clip is an exciting new video tool that utilizes generative AI to repurpose long videos into shorter, more shareable clips in just one click. This innovative technology is designed to help creators and businesses turn their long-form content into bite-sized pieces that are perfect for social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. With Opus Clip, users no longer have to spend hours editing, cutting, and resizing videos manually. Instead, they can simply upload their footage to the platform and let the AI do the rest. The tool automatically finds the most engaging moments in the video, removes any filler content, and edits the final clip to fit the desired duration. This not only saves time but also ensures that the clips produced are optimized for engagement and shareability. In addition, Opus Clip is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that requires no prior editing experience. Whether you're a social media influencer, a business owner, or just someone looking to share their content online, Opus Clip is a powerful tool that can help take your videos to the next level.


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Opus Clip is a game changer! It saves me hours of editing time and helps me create more engaging content for my followers.
- Social Media Influencer
With Opus Clip, I can easily create short and shareable clips for my business's social media accounts. The AI does all the work, so I don't have to waste time on editing.
- Small Business Owner
As someone who isn't familiar with video editing, I appreciate how user-friendly Opus Clip is. It allows me to quickly create clips from my longer videos for my personal social media accounts.
- Casual Content Creator


Q: What is an AI video tool?
A: An AI video tool is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to automatically create or enhance video content. It can help with tasks such as video creation, editing, and analysis.
Q: What features should I look for in an AI video tool?
A: When choosing an AI video tool, consider features such as auto-captioning, video analysis, social media integrations, and the ability to create short and long videos. You may also want to look into whether the tool uses generative AI technology, which can help with creative tasks.
Q: How can an AI video tool help with social media engagement?
A: An AI video tool can help you create videos that are more likely to go viral by using data-driven insights and attention-grabbing features like dynamic text and transitions. It can also automatically add emojis and provide keyword suggestions to boost discoverability.
Q: What's an alternative to using an AI video tool?
A: An alternative to using an AI video tool would be hiring an editor or using traditional video editing software. However, these options may require more time and resources and may not provide the same level of speed and automation as an AI video tool.
Q: How can an AI video tool increase my YouTube Shorts views?
A: An AI video tool can help you create attention-grabbing YouTube Shorts with juicy highlights and relevant keyword suggestions. It can also analyze your video performance and provide feedback on how to improve your content to increase engagement and views.
Q: What is AI curation and how does it relate to video content?
A: AI curation is the use of artificial intelligence to select, organize, and present content to users. When it comes to video content, AI curation can help with tasks such as video recommendation, playlist creation, and personalized content delivery.
Q: How can an AI-powered video editor help me with my video editing workflow?
A: An AI-powered video editor can help you produce high-quality videos faster and more efficiently than traditional editing software. It can seamlessly generate transitions, add music, and even extract the best moments from your footage. It can also provide an overview of your video content and make data-driven recommendations to improve your video strategy.
Q: How can an AI face recognition feature benefit my video content?
A: An AI face recognition feature can help you automatically label and organize video footage based on people's faces, making it easier to find and use specific clips. It can also provide insights on the emotions and engagement levels of those who use the app.

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