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Tome AI is a game-changing artificial intelligence tool for presentations and storytelling. Its advanced technology allows users to create captivating narratives and presentations at lightning speed. The tool uses an AI-powered generative approach to produce content that flows smoothly and engages the audience effectively. Users can input keywords or phrases for the AI to generate content from, with an option to customise the tone and style of the output.

The tool is perfect for marketers, founders, content creators and even educators who wish to create engaging content in less time. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy for anyone to use, regardless of technical expertise. With Tome AI, storytelling has been taken to a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness. 


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Fune Tuning / Tips:

  • Choose presentation or story template
  • Edit slides with AI
  • Rewrite with AI
  • Expand with AI
  • Reduce with AI
  • Distribute widths
  • Download Slides

Tome AI Pros:

  • Generous startup with generous offerings
  • 5000 AI credits for .edu accounts
  • Offers Free Account with up to 2 users
  • Integrates with Figma
  • Unlimited AI credits for just $8 per month
  • Pioneer in presentation AI
  • AI savvy founders
  • Satisfactory Presentations with a few clicks
  • Has tool for recoring audio and video for the slides directly in browser!

Tome AI Cons:

  • Doesn't have an API
  • Doesn't have open source repository although they're using open source
  • Some features might be lacking at this stage
  • Not easy to customize the results
  • Sometimes AI will hit deadends requiring specific section's work to be reinitiated.

Tome AI Price:

App pricing information for Tome AI is as below:

Price: Free Tier, $8/month, and Enterprise Solutions


It is highly effective for presentations on the go.
- Full Stack Dev
I love the UI/UX
- Community Manager
Finally AI can do the pitch decks so I don't have to worry about tedious bits
- Founder

More Details:

Tome AI is integrated with Figma and offers templates for different types of presentations so that. users can quickly create professional-looking designs without having to start from scratch. The AI-powered platform provides intelligent suggestions and recommendations based on the user's input, making the design process even faster and more efficient. Additionally, with Tome AI's Figma integration, users can collaborate with team members and share their designs easily. This integration streamlines the design process and provides a seamless workflow for teams working on UI/UX design projects.

In addition to Figma, you can integrate your slides with Miro, Google Sheets, Looker, Airtable, Twitter, Dall-E and more


Q: How to Use Tome AI?
A: To use Tome AI, you can visit their website and sign up for free. Once you have signed up, you can log in to your account and start using their features.
Q: How to Login to Tome AI?
A: You can log in to Tome AI by visiting their website and entering your login credentials.
Q: What is Tome AI?
A: Tome AI is an AI-powered presentation tool that helps users create engaging presentations by providing them with a range of features such as generative AI for presentation decks, storytelling tools, and design templates.
Q: Is Tome AI for free?
A: Yes, Tome AI is free to use.
Q: What is Generative AI for presentation decks?
A: Generative AI for presentation decks is a feature of Tome AI that uses artificial intelligence to generate slides based on the content you provide.
Q: What are Tome AI’s Features?
A: Tome AI’s features include generative AI for presentation decks, storytelling tools, design templates, and more.
Q: Where is Tome AI based?
A: Tome AI is based in New York City.
Q: Who founded Tome AI?
A: Tome AI was founded by Keith Peiris.
Q: How can I use Tome AI for storytelling?
A: You can use Tome AI to create AI-powered stories by inputting your ideas and selecting a format. Tome AI will then generate a presentation or slide show based on your inputs. The platform’s generative storytelling approach enables you to create unique narratives with ease.
Q: Is Tome AI a startup?
A: Yes, Tome AI is a startup that has received funding from investors such as Greylock and Led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. The company has seen great success and has raised over $43 million in funding rounds.
Q: How can I incorporate Tome AI into my presentations?
A: Using Tome AI in your presentations is easy. You can input your ideas and let the platform generate a compelling story or slide show. Once you have the presentation, you can export it to Figma or PowerPoint for final touches.
Q: Is Tome AI the fastest productivity tool for storytelling?
A: Yes, Tome AI is considered one of the fastest productivity tools for storytelling in the market. Its AI-powered generative approach enables users to create compelling narratives with ease and in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional methods.
Q: How much does Tome AI cost?
A: Tome AI offers different pricing plans depending on the user’s needs. You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription, with prices starting at $19 per month for individuals and $499 per year for teams.
Q: What storytelling formats does Tome AI offer?
A: Tome AI offers different storytelling formats such as slide presentations, videos, and infographics. The platform’s generative storytelling approach enables users to select a format and let the platform generate a compelling story based on their inputs.
Q: What AI features does Tome AI have?
A: Tome AI has several AI-powered features such as a generative approach to storytelling, automatic design suggestions, and a content library. The platform also offers integration with Figma and other presentation tools for a seamless workflow.
Q: Can I create a compelling story with Tome AI?
A: Yes, you can create a compelling story with Tome AI in a matter of minutes. The platform’s AI-powered generative approach enables users to input their ideas and let the platform generate a unique narrative that stands out.
Q: How is Tome AI changing the way people share ideas and create presentations?
A: Tome AI is changing the way people share ideas and create presentations by providing a fast and effective AI-powered generative approach to storytelling. The platform enables users to spend less time on the design and more time on the content, resulting in better presentations that stand out.

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