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Poise is an AI-powered communication coach that helps improve your communication skills. It provides real-time feedback to help you speak with confidence and clarity. Poise is an innovative AI-powered communication coach designed to help individuals improve their communication skills. This advanced technology provides users with real-time feedback on their delivery, helping them speak confidently and clearly. Poise works by analyzing the user's voice and providing feedback on their tone, pacing, and delivery style. This feedback is based on proven communication techniques and is designed to help users express themselves more effectively.

Whether you are speaking to a large audience or engaging in one-on-one conversations, Poise can help you articulate your thoughts and ideas with ease. One of the most significant benefits of Poise is the real-time feedback it provides. As users speak, Poise analyzes their delivery and provides feedback on areas where improvement is needed.

This instant feedback allows users to make adjustments on the fly and learn from their mistakes. As a result, participants in online meetings or presentations can feel more confident and in control, leading to more successful interactions with colleagues, clients or customers.

Another benefit of Poise is its versatility. It can be used for various purposes, whether you are preparing for an upcoming presentation, a job interview, or simply want to improve your conversational skills in everyday life. It can also be customized to fit the user’s communication level and goals. In addition to providing feedback on delivery.

Poise also helps users understand how language and word choice affect their message. By highlighting commonly misused words and phrases, Poise can help users convey their ideas with more accuracy and precision. In conclusion, the development of Poise provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to improve their communication skills.

With its real-time feedback, versatility and focus on delivery and language, Poise can help individuals from various backgrounds and goals to become effective communicators. By using Poise, anyone can overcome communication barriers and gain the confidence to engage with others effectively. 


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Price: Standard: $0/month, Professional: $13/month, Enterprise: Custom Prices


So useful, I've seen improvement in a few weeks and am really thankful
- Entrepreneur
I would like to see more analytics and elaboration of results
- Non-profit Manager
Unique app with the mission to help people improve their speech, presentation and meeting skills, it's a new concept so take the results with a grain of salt


Q: What is Poise?
A: Poise is an AI-powered communication coach that helps improve your communication skills. It provides real-time feedback to help you speak with confidence and clarity.
Q: How does Poise work?
A: Poise uses artificial intelligence to analyze your speech in real-time during online meetings. It provides feedback on your pacing, filler words, clarity and more, helping you to improve your communication skills.
Q: What are the benefits of using Poise?
A: The benefits of using Poise include:
Improving your communication skills
Speaking with confidence and clarity
Reducing the use of filler words
Getting personalized feedback
Improving your professional image
Q: Which platforms does Poise work with?
A: Poise works with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Slack.
Q: What is an AI-powered communication coach?
A: An AI-powered communication coach is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your speech and provide personalized feedback to help you improve your communication skills.
Q: How does Poise provide personalized feedback?
A: Poise uses insight gathered from each user to provide personalized feedback. It learns from your speech patterns and provides tailored recommendations to help you improve.
Q: Can Poise be used for team meetings?
A: Yes, Poise can be used for online meetings with your team. It helps your team communicate more effectively by providing real-time feedback.
Q: What is the difference between Poise and other communication tools?
A: Poise is an AI-powered communication coach that provides actionable feedback. Unlike other tools that focus on features like screen sharing or virtual backgrounds, Poise focuses on helping you improve your communication skills.
Q: What trends does Poise analyze?
A: Poise analyzes trends over time to help you track your progress. It provides detailed information on your speaking patterns and offers lessons to improve.

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