Otter AI


Otter AI is a game-changing tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide automatic transcription and note-taking services. It is a highly efficient and reliable solution that allows users to easily transcribe meetings, virtual conversations, and voice notes. Otter AI uses advanced algorithms to analyze and recognize spoken words and phrases, and accurately converts them into written text. This eliminates the need for manual transcription, saving time and effort. Additionally, Otter AI can capture and highlight key points, making it easier to identify important information. Overall, this incredible technology is making it easier than ever to document discussions and brainstorming sessions, improving productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

Otter AI offers solutions for Education, Business and Individual purposes. They also have an Enterprise tier for which you can enquire directly.


    Online Recorder
    Zoom integration
    Summary keywords from audio
    Summary speaker names from audio
    Share Feature
    Export Content as Text, PDF, Clipboard, SRT
    Export Audio
    Custom Vocabulary for improved accuracy
    Dropbox Integration

Fune Tuning / Tips:

  • Merge speaker segments on/off
  • Include speaker timestamps on/off
  • Include speaker names on/off
  • Rematch Speaker

Otter AI Pros:

  • Advanced new features such as Otter Notes & Otter Copilot
  • Continous development
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Multiplatform AI products across iOS, Android and Chrome Extention
  • Capable AI models
  • Records audio from various hardware such as bluetooth earphones, builtin mic, smart watches etc.
  • Collaboration tools

Otter AI Cons:

  • It doesn't offer an API.
  • Pricing can be a little higher than alternatives if you only use AI transcription service

Otter AI Price:

App pricing information for Otter AI is as below:

Price: Monthly prices for annual subscriptions - Basic: $0/month, Pro: $8.33/month, Business: $20/month. Also 7-day free trial: $0,
Prices are higher for monthly subscriptions.


I am now more present in my classes as I don't have to take notes of everything
- Student
I record audio of participants for my research studies all the time and Otter makes automated transcription a breeze. As a bonus I get speaker identification as well!
- Researcher
Saves heaps of time and allows collaboration
- Strategist


Q: What is Otter AI?
A: Otter AI is an AI-powered tool that provides automatic transcription and note-taking services. It allows you to transcribe meetings, virtual conversations, and voice notes with ease.
Q: How does Otter AI work?
A: Using artificial intelligence and speech-to-text technologies, Otter AI is able to transcribe spoken words into text in real-time. This means you can see the transcript as the words are spoken.
Q: Is Otter AI good for transcribing meetings?
A: Yes! Otter AI is a great tool for meeting transcription. It can transcribe meetings and record audio for later use.
Q: Does Otter AI have a free version?
A: Yes, Otter AI has a free plan that allows users to transcribe up to 600 minutes per month. However, the free version only provides basic features that may not be enough for some users.
Q: Can Otter AI be used for virtual meetings?
A: Yes, Otter AI is perfect for virtual meetings! It can transcribe audio from various video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
Q: Is Otter AI a good transcription service?
A: Yes, Otter AI is a great transcription service option. It offers automatic transcription that's fast, accurate, and affordable compared to other professional services.
Q: Can Otter AI transcribe voice notes?
A: Yes, Otter AI can transcribe voice notes from your phone or any other device. Its mobile app allows you to record notes on-the-go and transcribe them later.
Q: What are the paid plans for Otter AI?
A: Otter AI offers two paid plans - Premium and Business. The Premium plan provides 6,000 minutes per month, while the Business plan offers unlimited minutes with features like caption editing and collaboration.
Q: Is Otter AI the best transcription tool available?
A: While there are several transcription tools available, including alternatives to Otter AI, it ranks among the best alternatives based on its accuracy, features, and ease of use.
Q: Does Otter AI offer a free trial?
A: Yes, Otter AI offers a 7-day free trial of its Premium plan. This allows users to test out the features and decide if it's the right transcription software for their needs.
Q: Does work with Zoom?
A: Yes, offers multiple ways to instantly record and transcribe your Zoom meetings and collaborate with your team.
Q: Is HIPAA compliant?
A: Yes, is HIPAA compliant.
Q: Is free?
A: offers a free plan that allows you to transcribe up to 600 minutes per month.
Q: Is Dialpad or Airgram good alternatives to
A: Yes, Dialpad and Airgram are among the top 10 alternatives for business transcription.
Q: Who should use
A: Anyone who wants to save time and effort by automatically transcribing their meetings, interviews, lectures, and more can use
Q: What’s the best alternative for meeting transcription?
A: Airgram is one of the best alternatives for meeting transcription as it offers multilingual transcription with video recording.
Q: Can translate?
A: does not offer translation services at this time.
Q: Is secure?
A: Yes, uses bank-level security and encryption to protect your data.
Q: Is good?
A: is a highly rated transcription tool that uses machine learning-generated notes for high accuracy.
Q: Does transcribe Spanish and French?
A: Yes, can transcribe Spanish and French.
Q: Does work with Microsoft Teams?
A: Yes, offers an Otter Assistant feature that can automatically join and transcribe meetings on Microsoft Teams.
Q: Can transcribe phone calls?
A: Yes, can transcribe phone calls.

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