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Ordinary people prompts are prompts that have been developed to make the process of creating, training, and deploying artificial intelligence (AI) models accessible to everyone. These prompts have been specifically curated for everyday people with no technical background in AI, making it easy for them to use and understand. With the help of ordinary people prompts, anyone can create an AI model that suits their particular needs. These prompts are designed to be used through user-friendly interfaces and machine learning tools, which enable ordinary people to create models that can recognize and classify images, detect text, predict outcomes, and more. They come with pre-built templates and workflows that can be customized according to an individual's requirements. This makes the process of developing an AI model straightforward and easy to follow. By making AI more accessible through ordinary people prompts, individuals and businesses can harness the incredible power of artificial intelligence in their day-to-day lives.


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These ordinary people prompts made it easy for me to build an AI model without any tech experience.
- Small Business Owner
Thanks to ordinary people prompts, I was able to train an AI model to classify images for my blog without any coding skills.
- Blogger
As a healthcare professional, I was hesitant to try developing my own AI model, but ordinary people prompts made the process simple and accessible.
- Healthcare Professional
Ordinary people prompts helped me create an AI model that predicts outcomes for future marketing campaigns. It was fast and easy to use.
- Marketing Analyst


Q: What are Ordinary People Prompts?
A: Ordinary people prompts are prompts curated for everyday people with no technical background in artificial intelligence. These prompts are meant to be easy to use and understand, allowing anyone to create conversational AI without any specialized training or knowledge.
Q: What is a prompt?
A: A prompt is a short statement or question that is used to begin a conversation with a conversational AI program. The prompt is used to start the conversation and can often be customized to fit a specific conversation or topic.
Q: What is the paradox of choice?
A: The paradox of choice refers to the idea that having too many options can actually make it harder to make a decision, as people may become overwhelmed and have difficulty determining which option is best. This concept is important when creating conversational AI prompts, as too many options can actually make the conversation less effective.
Q: What is chatgpt?
A: Chatgpt is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate conversational responses. It is based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model and is designed to be easy to use by anyone who wants to create conversational AI.
Q: How can I create my own ordinary people prompts using chatgpt?
A: To create your own ordinary people prompts using chatgpt, you can use the platform to generate responses and then customize those responses to fit your specific conversation or topic. You can also use the chatgpt prompt sourcing and sharing platform to find existing prompts that you can modify for your own use.
Q: What is the prompt sourcing and sharing platform?
A: The prompt sourcing and sharing platform is a tool that allows users to share and source conversational AI prompts. It is designed to lower the barriers to prompt engineering and make it easier for everyone to create effective conversational AI.
Q: How do I know what a prompt is?
A: To understand what a prompt is, you can review some of the existing prompts that are available on chatgpt or other conversational AI platforms. You can also learn more about how prompts are used and how to create effective prompts by reading articles or watching videos on the topic.
Q: What is the product hunt?
A: Product hunt is a platform that allows users to discover and share new products. It is a popular tool for finding the latest updates and product information, and is often used by people looking for conversational AI tools and platforms.

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