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Leap.ai is a remarkable platform that applies artificial intelligence (AI) to connect job seekers with suitable employers. The company was created by Richard Liu and Zhou Zhou, who boast impressive backgrounds in AI and Google respectively. Leap.ai utilizes AI algorithms to facilitate matching between job seekers and companies through an efficient and effective process. Additionally, it streamlines the entire application procedure that includes creating and sharing resumes, submitting job applications, scheduling of interviews, and sending follow-up messages. The advanced AI technology enables Leap.ai to determine an applicant's best-suited job based on a variety of factors like skills, experience, and interests. Furthermore, the platform's AI-powered chatbot directly communicates with the applicant, providing assistance throughout the job application process and also offers personalized feedback on improving the applicant's skills. Leap.ai aims to revolutionize traditional recruiting with its AI technology, offering a new kind of job search experience for job seekers and employers alike. With Leap.ai, companies can save time and money by finding the right fit for each role, while job seekers find their dream jobs with ease.


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Price:Free Tier. Plus Pro Plan:
Image Generation: $0.005 per image.
Model Fine-Tuning: $2 per model version trained
Remix: $0.01 per image


Leap.ai is a game changer in the job search industry. Its AI technology offers a streamlined process that connects job seekers with suitable employers.
- Human Resources Manager
As a marketer, I appreciate the efficiency of Leap.ai's AI technology. It has greatly simplified the recruitment process, saving time and resources for companies.
- Marketing Manager
Leap.ai is an excellent platform that revolutionizes traditional job search processes. It helps job seekers find their dream jobs with ease and provides employers with the right fit for each role.
- Career Coach


Q: What is Leap.ai?
A: Leap.ai is a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to match job seekers with the right companies. Founded by Richard Liu and Zhou Zhou, who have AI and Google executive expertise, Leap.aiu2019s mission is to enable career success for everyone.
Q: How does Leap.ai work?
A: Job seekers create a profile on Leap.ai's app and the algorithm uses AI to refer and match job seekers to the right companies. The platform guarantees interviews for tech job seekers in order to connect them with the right employer. Leap.aiu2019s AI technology prompts user to edit and update their profiles to maximize their opportunity for a match.
Q: What kind of jobs is Leap.ai focused on?
A: Leap.ai focuses on tech industry jobs such as software engineering, data science, product management, design and more.
Q: Who can benefit from Leap.ai?
A: Both job seekers and employers can benefit from Leap.ai. Job seekers can get matched with the right company and employers can use the platform to find qualified candidates.
Q: What sets Leap.ai apart from its competitors?
A: Leap.aiu2019s use of AI makes the matching process more efficient and effective. The platform guarantees interviews for tech job seekers and the companyu2019s CEO, Richard Liu, has experience working at Google and in the tech industry. Additionally, Leap.ai is using AI technology to generate images of candidateu2019s avatars and companyu2019s logos to create a more personalized feel when matching job seekers and employers.
Q: How can you get started with Leap.ai?
A: Job seekers can download the Leap.ai app and create a profile. Employers can contact Leap.aiu2019s team to learn more about how to integrate the platform into their hiring process.
Q: How does Leap.ai integrate with other tools?
A: Leap.ai integrates with Zapier, a browser-based tool that helps automate workflows, to make the hiring process even more seamless.
Q: What kind of funding has Leap.ai received?
A: Leap.ai has received $2.4 million in seed funding.
Q: How can employers use Leap.ai?
A: Employers can use Leap.ai to find qualified candidates who are a good match for their company culture and job requirements. The platform allows employers to view a candidateu2019s profile and style to see if they would be a good fit for the team.
Q: What kind of company profiles can be found on Leap.ai?
A: Employers can create a company profile on Leap.ai to showcase their company culture, mission and job openings.

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