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Fliki is a revolutionary AI app that can take your written content and turn it into stunning video content in less than a minute. This fantastic tool allows you to create HQ videos for your social media, blogs, or website without any professional video editing skills. With Fliki, you don't need to spend endless hours trying to learn complicated video editing software, nor do you have to hire a professional video production team. Fliki makes the process of creating high-quality videos as simple as typing in your text and clicking a few buttons.

One of the best things about Fliki is that it doesn't compromise on quality. The app has an extensive database of visual graphics and images, along with licensed music and sound effects, to create beautiful video content that grabs your viewers' attention. This ensures that your videos look professional and sleek, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

You can also customize your videos with your brand logo, color schemes, and fonts to develop a consistent digital identity across all of your social media and online platforms. Fliki is user-friendly, and the streamlined interface makes the process of creating videos quick and straightforward. The app's text-to-video feature converts your written content into engaging video content that can be shared to multiple platforms, extending the reach of your content.

Fliki can be used to create explainer videos, engaging stories, product demos, and much more, inviting your viewers to engage with your content, which can translate to increased website views, higher conversion rates and elevated social media metrics. Fliki truly revolutionizes the video creation process, making it easy for businesses and individuals alike to create high-quality video content with minimal effort. With Fliki, you don't have to be a marketing specialist or tech-savvy; you can create engaging video content with ease, without breaking the bank or wasting time. Fliki offers an affordable, user-friendly and high-quality video creation solution, catering to the growing demand for visual content across the web.


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Price: Starter: $0/month, Standard: $6/month, Professional: $21/month,
Enterprise: $66/month


I never even dreamed of such high quality AI videos
- Content Creator
Text-to-video is fairly lagging in terms of momentum in AI applications. Fliki is an exception, they've mastered text-to-video already
- Venture Capital Analyst
I use the text-to-speech features offered by Fliki more than all the AI apps combined..
- Youtuber


Q: What is Fliki?
A: Fliki is a text-to-video converter tool that uses AI to turn your written content into engaging videos in less than a minute. With Fliki, you can create high-quality video content for your social media, blogs or website without any video editing skills.
Q: How does Fliki work?
A: Once you have signed up for Fliki, you can input your written text or script into the tool, select a video style, background music, and a voiceover (using AI Voices or your own voice recording), and hit the create button. Fliki will then convert your text into an animated video with your selected preferences.
Q: What are AI Voices?
A: AI Voices are computer-generated voices that can be used for the voiceover in your Fliki video. Fliki offers a variety of AI Voices, including male and female voices in different languages and accents. You can choose the tone and speed of your voiceover, or use your own voice recording.
Q: Can Fliki be used to create videos for TikTok?
A: Yes, Fliki can be used to create videos for TikTok. Fliki offers a variety of video styles and templates suitable for different social media platforms, including Tiktok.
Q: Is Fliki a free tool?
A: Fliki offers a free version with limited features. If you need more advanced video creation features, you can upgrade to a paid subscription. Fliki pricing plans start at $15 per month.
Q: Can Fliki be used for podcasts or audiobooks with voiceovers?
A: Yes, Fliki can be used to create podcasts or audiobooks with voiceovers. You just need to input your written content into Fliki and select a voiceover option for the audio portion of your video.
Q: Can Fliki create videos from blog articles?
A: Yes, Fliki can be used to turn your blog articles into videos. You can copy and paste your blog content into Fliki and create an animated video version of your blog article in just a few clicks.

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