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AI Grid Reviews & Use Cases

This page consolidates all of the AI listings at
Hence, some of the items listed here may go beyond AI Apps and include AI Grants, AI Models, AI Companies and other topic relevant to the AI industry.

Each section has practical information, insight and inspiration regarding the latest AI Apps, Models, Companies & Grants. This category mainly exists to consolidate all AI listings apart from the Aifinesse Blog for operational and overview purposes.

Nvidia AI

Nvidia AI               NVIDIA is a technology company that has revolutionized the

Baidu AI

Baidu AI               Baidu Ai is Baidu’s comprehensive range of artificial intelligence

AI21 Labs

AI21 Labs               AI21 Labs is a young startup that is rapidly


Anthropic               Anthropic is an AI company that focuses on developing artificial


OpenAI               OpenAI is a research lab that has been making significant

Meta AI

Meta AI               Meta AI, a division of Meta, is at the

Google AI

Google AI                Google AI refers to the range of artificial intelligence

Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research               Microsoft Research is a global research organization dedicated to


Visily               Visily is an innovative wireframe tool that harnesses the power

IMGCreator AI

IMGCreator AI      is a cutting-edge AI image generator that uses