Catbird is a powerful AI-powered image creator that allows users to create a wide range of images from a single prompt. It leverages the capabilities of over 15 models, such as DALL-E 2 and Openjourn, to produce outputs that meet different image creation requirements. Users can generate images from anything ranging from a single keyword to a full-blown description, with Catbird's AI algorithms working behind the scenes to bring the creations to life. The images produced by Catbird are highly versatile, making it a great tool for designers, marketers, and other professionals in the creative industry. The platform's user interface is intuitive and easy to use, enabling users of different skill levels to generate images with ease. Furthermore, Catbird's machine learning algorithms ensure that it continues to learn and improve its performance, making it a dependable tool for generating high-quality images. With Catbird at your disposal, you can save time, improve productivity and enhance creativity, making it a must-have for any team or individual seeking to make an impact in the creative field.


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Catbird is a fantastic tool that has revolutionized image creation with its state-of-the-art AI-powered technology. As a graphic designer, it has been a game-changer, making it easier and faster to generate high-quality images.
- Graphic Designer
I was blown away by the versatility of Catbird. As a marketer, I needed to create images that would capture and retain the attention of my audience, and Catbird delivered top-notch outputs that did that and more. Highly recommended!
- Marketer
Catbird is a great tool for anyone in the creative industry. As a writer, I often need to create visual references for my work, and Catbird makes that process a breeze. I love how intuitive and user-friendly the platform is.
- Writer


Q: What is a catbird?
A: Catbird is a versatile image creator powered by AI. It enables users to produce a vast array of images using a single prompt. It harnesses the power of over 15 models, including DALL-E 2, Openjourney, Dreamlike Diffusion and Stable Diffusion, to generate its outputs.
Q: How do I use Catbird?
A: All you need to do to use Catbird is to enter your idea into the prompt and the app will create 72 images based on that prompt. No sign-up is required, and it is completely free to use.
Q: What kind of results can I expect from Catbird?
A: The results you get from Catbird depend on the prompt you give and the models used. Being specific and detailed with your prompts can help you achieve the desired aesthetic.
Q: Are there any limitations to Catbird?
A: The image resolution may vary depending on the model used, so there may be some limitations in terms of image quality. However, with 17 models to choose from, there are still countless possibilities to explore.
Q: Can I use the images created by Catbird for commercial purposes?
A: The images generated by Catbird are free to use for personal and commercial use under the Creative Commons Zero license.

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